Hello I am Anthony (Tony) Benson, a Game Designer focusing on mainly level design and systems design. I graduated recently from Digipen Institute of technology with a BACHELOR'S of arts in Game Design. I also have previous EXPERIENCE in coding and programming. Game development is my passion, I love every moment of it so far.

I am now graduated DigiPen Institute of Technology!!!

Looking to be hired as a Level designer or SOMETHING in the systems / GAME PLAY design space.


  • Video Games - I play all sorts of games but, I live for strategy and fighting games. I have been playing fighting and multiplayer games since I was young, starting with halo, mortal kombat, and smash brothers.

  • Skiing - I have been skiing since I was 3 years old. On the mountain is where I feel the best.

  • Movies - I watch lots of movies, and my taste isn’t very good, but I love them. My favorite movie changes every time I think about it. Right now its ‘Spiderman: enter the spiderverse’.